I want to create something beautiful but real. I believe i can create a painting or drawing  which will remain alive and meaningful if  I continue to challenge what I see and feel is the truth, in my work and my  life.

What i now rely on is my experience of being an artist for many years, of painting mostly every day. trusting myself. Being involved in art in the many ways, research, study, discussion visiting shows.

I like Beethoven ‘s motto ‘never a day without a line  ‘

I start a painting just making marks and follow my intuition and feelings, i never have a predetermined vision of what will appear on the canvas.It is organic.when painting I feel alive  on the edge of doing or not doing ‘to be or not to be’. I continually struggle for reality, that is brushing aside any pretensions.

My work is a reflection of the truth as I see it in my daily life things that are going on in my development of my humanity ‘no affairs of work or daily life are in anyway separate  from the ultimate truth’.

my influences are many i must say that Frank Auerbach most of all, Alberto Giacometti, Hans Hofmann, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollack

i am so fortunate to be able to paint these paintings and through my efforts create something beautiful for us all.

Life can be wonderful

nam myoho renge kyo

– moram


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